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Carltons Solicitors involved in high profile adoption case in the High Court.

A solicitor from Carltons Solicitors, Birmingham was integrally involved in an adoption case that is today being widely reported in the national press. A favourable outcome was eventually achieved for Carltons clients.

The case centres around the adoption of a child who was in danger of being aborted. A couple (Carltons clients) persuaded the birth mother to continue with the pregnancy and to let them adopt the child.

The court case arose because of payments made by the couple to the birth mother to cover food costs (£30 to £40 per month) as well as a loan made to her to help with her immigration VISA application.

Under English law it is a criminal offence to pay someone to adopt their child, although it is permissible to pay the birth mother expenses, which was the case here. If someone is found guilty of breaking this law they could be fined and imprisoned.

Although a Police investigation was dropped the case did find its way all the way to the High Court.

A solicitor from Carltons representing the couple successfully argued that payment was not made for the adoption of the child and that any payments made were strictly within the allowable guidelines.

Mr Justice Keehan, the presiding Judge, said the couple had since provided “excellent care” of the child and made an Adoption Order in their favour.

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